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2009 Summer Photo Contest Entry Form

2009 WSC Photo Contest Grand Prize - Trictionary II, The Book

A special thanks to the boys at for supporting the contest and providing our Grand Prize.

The Tricktionary is a comprehensive windsurfing training book of 292 pages devided into 9 chapters, which show beginners how to start, intermediates how to improve and experts what to train.

A word from our judge, Phil Soltysiak

I’d like to thank everybody for participating in the contest. There were lots of really good photos and it was hard to choose the top few and most importantly my favourite photo. Here are the top 4 shots along with a winner amongst them.

2009 Grand Prize Winner


Sandbanks (SBX) MacDonalds Point
Frozen in time. Overpowered 3.2 - 3.8 afternoon. Awesome sailors from Ontario and Quebec converged to wreak havoc on the meaty waves.

Phil's Comments

"A very bright and colourful photo. I chose this one as the winner because it reminds me that Canada can also throw down some windy and fun windsurfing."

Honorable Mention


Cool, but an exelent day. Took my go pro camera out but did not ralize it was on picture mode. here one of the 1000 pix it took.

Phil's Comments

"This one has very nice colours and the angle is different than all other photos submitted. It’s also cool the way the spray was captured."

Honorable Mention


Front loop
Pierre Morneau threw this in the shallows. Hit the top of the mast on the solid rock bottom but still made it around.

Phil's Comments

"Great action shot. I think any photo where the sailor was captured inverted deserves its respect. "

Honorable Mention


Freestyle at Lake Erie

Phil's Comments

"I like this shot because you can see that the conditions weren’t the best with that wind shadow on the inside, but the sailor is still making the most of it."