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Match your board with the colors of the sea
You don't see it, but I am smilling!
Get some air!
Spock the 3.5
Bid Day

Take your camera to the beach!

WindsurfCanada is holding its 2009 Summer Photo Contest. Open to everyone, and restricted to photos taken in Canada only, capture the stoke of windsurfing coast to coast.

Upload your digital images to this folder for consideration.

Contest Closes: September 30, 2009.
Open to Everyone Click to Enter

Relaxing after a session
SUP & Windsurf
the carve tack is real
Early morning sail
Sunset Planing

Images of Windsurfing from across Canada. Feel free to upload images, be sure to mention the location!

Events, races, gatherings, meets, etc. Please contact admin to setup a folder for your event photos!

Upload images you may use within your posts to the Windsurf Canada forum. Please do not link to outside sources.

Lift Ticket = $0.00
Lift Ticket = $0.00
Snow windsurfing

It's cold. It's Windy. No better time to sail! Take some pictures because most of us don't believe your actually out there sailing.

Clearing past the shorebreak 3
Clearing past the shorebreak 2
Clearing past the shorebreak 1
Speed Runs with Greg
Lake Lopez chop hop 2
Lake Lopez chop hop

Images from the Journal entries of Windsurf Canada members.

Scusset Beach, MA
Scusset Beach, MA
The Spit
The Spit

pictures of places to sail submitted from the Launch section.

getin goin in Aruba
Ian catching some air on Lake Ontario
Don sailing Fall 2005
outlet Beach Lake Ontario
Outlet Beach Lake Ontario
Outlet Beach Lake Ontario

Capture the vibe and stoke of windsurfing in Canada!   Grand Prize provided by Windsurfing Direct.
Contest Closes: Oct 14, 2006.
Open to Everyone Click to Enter.

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