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An early Birthday gift

Lake Ontario Cherry Beach

Bart, Wim and I converged on the beach at 11:15 a. Bart 5.2M on 102L, Wim 4.4M on 91 then 66L, I picked old faithful Poison 113L with 5.0M and could have easily used the 91l but I wasn't up for screwing around changing boards. It was a little squirrelly at times, but I was still comfortable despite going over the handle bars twice. Two other guys sailing out of the WS club and one down wind, and a kiter trying to kill himself. What a great time we had. We all took some intermittant breaks to play it safe. Sailing up to the windward land mass was great and flat with tow venturis pumping major wind down both sides then off to super flat water on both sides for cranking hero jibes a plenty. We packed it in come 3:00 while were still all in one peice. Great day, decent temps, cold water and absolutely crankin winds while feeling safe for our virgin sail for 2010!!!! I almost forgot just how much I love this sport. I'm already Jones'n the next session

[img] pictures/general/windsurfing March 13 Cherry Beach.jpg[/img]

Weather Conditions

Great call on sailing local by no baptism by fire.

The Day at a Glance


  NE 25-30 5




  Poison Freestyle 113L/5.0M NP Core ( my favourite)


  3 hrs.

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