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Big Winds Bash n' Demo day!

Columbia River Gorge Event Site

After the Windance swap in the morning, showed up to Event site for the Big Winds Bash. Lots of sponsors present but on the windsurfing end they consisted of all the brands Big Winds carries:

Naish, Starboard, JP, Sailworks, Severne, Neil Pryde

Humming and hawing about hitting the water due to the light winds, Jenn finally got me to wetsuit up and try stuff out. First up a Naish Glide 14'0 SUP board with a 7.0 Severne Gator attached. The winds were actually picking up at this point so I went out and was up and planing instantly! Boy... what a FUN board. Glides super fast in light wind and does get up on a plane. Like a supersized longboard of old (displacement front, planing back).

Next combo I took out was a 133L Futura with an 8.2 NCX. Dale Cook handed me my sail, which was pretty cool. Tried to get on a plane but to no avail. The wind had fully died and all the pumping in the world wouldn't help.

After a big the wind seemed to pick up nice n' strong. Grabbed a 122L and a 7.0 Gator that was down on the beach and went out and was instantly tail-walking. Buckling down for some over-powered sailing, I did one reach out to the channel and back and immediately went to grab smaller gear. Ryan saw me go and was heading out with a 6.5 so I grabbed a 5.3 Blade and ran for a Staurbaord Quad 86L.

AMAZING.... I had 3-4 good reaches on the quad and boy was that board fun. Getting it on a plane was like when Splashy pants had a freestyle fin on: board-speed alone would get it planing, no fin to pressure, but once planing it had grib like no other. Super slashy and playful even carving around on flat water. Loved it!

After the session was done, I even managed to wind some free swag! Looking in the bag though it was all girls stuff.. so Jenn scored some free swag!

Biggest highlight of the day:

Jenn was out on a 4.2 I had rigged her and my FreeSex. When the wind dropped, I have her my 5.3 Blade and that with the FreeSex had her planing, in both straps, fully hiked out and 7-stanced full speed planing. BAAMMMM!

Weather Conditions

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The Day at a Glance


  W 0-18 15




  Naish Glide 14', 122/133L Futura, 86L Quad/7.0 Gator, 8.2 NCX, 5.3 Blade


  2 hrs.

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