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My Name Is Earl

Lake Simcoe Centennial Park

Really overwhelmed but just kept asking myself why I bought a 3.3 if I wasn't going to use it. Downhauled the heck out of it and my husband was on a 3.5 the most we have ever stuck together on a sailing day.

Can't say it was a great sail it was strickly survive.....sheet out and hold on for dear life. Fastest slow I've ever gone.

Liked how shallow it was cause you could last much longer.

Had 4 other women to sail with and Janis took a boom off the cheekbone for the team....sporting a nice shiner today.

Great friends, great fun....Thanks Earl!

Have nothing against kiters but RNIR"s blurb was pretty funny!

Pic's to follow.......missed the Erie guys...windinsight's pics were beautiful as usual.

One picture from Beaverton and one is from J+D's at Heritage Farms

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  NW 28-36 18




  85 JP 84 Rip/3.3 3.5


  3 hrs.

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