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Thank you for Tropical Depresions

Pamlico Sound Avon

Well we have a tropical depresion coming through the area all week, brings lots of rain but also lost of powerfull wind. No one was on the water as we were in a lull but I decided to go out to fool around as the rain had stopped. I had my 5.7 and 135L (never sailed this combo although I have had both for six years!! I was just fooling around with clew first sailing and tack 360's when the wind kicked in, headed out away from the house fully lite up but suprisingly comfortable for having the 135L under foot, being so flat from it being calm must have been the reason. Anyways, I was about a KM out just coming out of a jibe and back onto the plain when this sudden huge rain storm kicked in. It was so surreal having smoke on the water and the rain exfoliating my face but I was completely comfortable on the kit even though I had to keep one eye closed. Came blasting in out of the water smoke past the weather tower right up to the house were the family was waiting worried sick, strange as I thought it was one of the most enreal feelings on water I've ever had and thought it was so cool to come blasting out of the mist to the shore, but I guess the family though that I would never survive this weather system, the thought never even crossed my mind.......Still think it was cool even though the wife thinks I'm an idiot!!

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  JP 135/NP 5.7


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