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WOW, She's Windy

Pamlico Sound Avon

The wind woke me up at 0700 but hung out with the family till 1300. Rigged up the 4.5 and headed out and wow, she was windy!!! Computer and weather network said 30 gusting 40 knots and they were not wrong!! Only a handfull of out (about six) but with my sail fully flatened it was epic to say the least. Ripped around for 4 hours till dinner, now having wine then some well deserved beer. Highlights were multiple fully powered and plaining jibes, it was a very nice feeling watching everyone crash and burn on the turns and I nailed almost strap to straps (minus the straps), I took Fathom's advice to oversheeting and trying to lay the sail down and low and behold, it works!!!

Weather Conditions

Really, really, really windy

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SE 30-40 28




  JP 93/MS 4.5


  4 hrs.

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