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Rondeau Windfest - Sunday

Lake Erie Rondeau Bay

First day of the season! Cold but amazing!

Spent the day blasting across the water and the afternoon getting used to getting in the straps and *trying* to gybe. Got in and out of the straps more times than I can count. Spent the afternoon really powered on the 7.2 hooking in and out and got planing and in the straps in less than 15 m.


- getting used to getting in my back strap on the Xantos

- attempted initating gybes

- fully sheeted in rocketting across the water

Weather Conditions

Good WSW wind in the morning which clocked aronnd to W and dropped off a little. At lunch, the wind swung back SW and started blasting for the rest of the day. Still whitecapping when I left at 5:00pm.

10oC in the morning to 15oC in the afternoon

Water was 8oC

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-20 kts 15 ÂșC




  F2 Xantos 285/7.2 Neil Pryde Diablo


  3 hrs.

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