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Board test Day 1

Avon Sound OBX

Started out the day with a 6:30 bike ride to loosen up after the long drive down. I started out on some larger gear with 7.5M on Goya 144L, 6.0M on a Fanatic 100L, 5.8M on 116 Goya.....that was the first two hours. Next session the wind kicked in too much to be rding the big gear. I took out the 91L Nucleo Poison board. Josh was there with a radar gun and I actually came in at 29 knots on wave gear. That was the second 2 hours. I went with the family to Hatteras Village and did some other errands, Last session was on an 82L F2 Wave 254. Wind was nuts at times and then backed off to not allow me to keep up wind. In total today between 5 - 5.5 hours on the water ( that does not include rigging time- pure sailing time) Great start but baptism by fire. Days highlights: watching guys practicing free style moves, watching Bart nailing hero jibes inches from the beach and wondering when he was going to hit bottom- he never did. Sailiing with the crew again and meeting Hangloose.

Tonight is calling for possible water spouts and tomorrow morning is supposed to be nuts.

Weather Conditions

Flat, some swells but hard to hit for air time

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-35 22




  See above/3.7M


  5 hrs. 15 min.

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