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Lake Scugog Caesarea

I drove up to Beaverton only to find it was too North, not that windy and freeeeezing cold-water and air. I bowed out and did a little scenic drive up to Lagoon City. I meandered down Simcoe Street and checked out Ceasarea as an option. Ted pulled in ahead of me as we approached the peir. I was glad to have company, as I probably would have not gone if not for him. Optomistically I took out the 106L first but no love there, and had to settle for the Go 140L. Third run out was deja vu of Hatteras as I nailed partially sunken peice of someones dock. We tooled around for a bit until it backed off. The water is fu fu fu freezing cold!

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  W 14-18 4




  G0 140L/6.4 M NP Excess


  1 hrs. 45 min.

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