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Session 1 - Street Fight

da Gorge The Hatchery

All of the tourists headed east today on the promise of clearing sky and strong wind. Clouds and small fronts keep me in the corridor hoping that Swell City would clear. In hindsight, I likely should have gone to Arlington.

My second mistake was 26 cm fin in the really strong current. One jump, a few nice rides on the rolling swell and then called it while I could still make it back to the launch where I started.

Quote of the day:

Local guy: "You talked me out of going out."

Me: "But I didn’t say anything."

Local guy: "You didn’t have to."

Weather Conditions

The wind was gusting and side-off from the north. Really tough launch (having to swim to the wind line in the strong current). Big swings in wind speed and direction made if difficult to enjoy riding the swell at times.

Nice rolling swell, chest high at times. But confused. Favoured jumping on the way out and riding on the way in.

Group of about six locals out – two were very solid sailors.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 15-30 16




  RRD FSW 110 (with 26 cm fin)/Ezzy Wave SE 5.0


  30 min.

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