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The next generation

Big Cedar Lake North Kawarthas

Although, this log is for a collection of sessions - not just one session, it represents some of my absolute favourite windsurfing memories for 2011! Sharing the stoke can have its own special rewards!

Sailing with my kids this year proved to be super fun. They made the transition from novice sailors to independent sailors (both are now able to be make it back to their launch without assistance). Seeing them plane along with smiles on their faces and having them now ask to go sailing (without prompting) was priceless!

Quote of the holiday:

“Dad, when can we go windsurfing next?"

If anyone knows of a 180-200 litre board (located in the GTA) with a daggerboard that is looking for a good home (i.e. large old-school transition board or Windsurfer One-design), please let me know.

Weather Conditions

Wind can be shifty and unstable.

Water is flat with some small wind chop (and the odd boat wake).

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance






  Fanatic Ultra Cat / Bic 250/Mistral 2.2 / F2 Arrows 3.6 / NP V8 8.5


  1 hrs.

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