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No Shortage of Wind

Lake Simcoe Centennial Park

Arrived about 4:30. Rain clouds on the horizon but wind was pretty solid and lots of people out. Rigged my 4.5 and went out but the rain clouds had softened the wind so came back in and rigged 5.4 Went back out and pretty shortly was way overpowered and was back in for the 4.5.

Sailed until my legs were saying "no more". The waves set up some great ramps for jumping on starboard tack and coming back in some nice waves to crusie down. Should have actully dropped my sail size even a bit more. The Kode 103 worked well but I sure wish I had a smaller volume board for stuff like this.

Wind kicked up even more as I came in. Made derigging even challenging.

Great day and lots of people out. Lets hope this is a sign of more to come...

Weather Conditions

Strong gusty winds

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-26 18




  103 Starbaord Kode/4.5/5.4


  2 hrs.

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