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Tropical storm Irene

Pleasure Bay Pleasure Bay

In the end had a great session on the water.

In total there were about 10 sailors out, the most impressive of which had to be Dean who was speeding around on a 5.0 speed-sail. Everybody was sailing in the sugarbowl which amazingly enough still had some shin high chop.

It was high wind sailing mixed with survival sailing in the gusts.

I think the most common sail was a ~3.7 (some bigger, some smaller).

By noon (after it had picked up) I was happy having rigged up a 3.3 (a new purchase for Jenn). At some points it was just right, enough so that I could wave to people watching on shore. Othertimes, a gust would have me holding onto even that small of a sail. Many times I oversheeted and ended up in the water as I killed the power in the sail (very easy to do on smaller sails).

Highlight: One reach where I planed comfortably back to shore, nailed a gybe, planed out, nailed a second (didn't plane out though), and made it back to shore.... all on a 3.3.

Lowlight: My first reach ouch where a gust took me to the middle of the bowl.. then the wind shut down (in 3.3 sense) and I drifted down to the sandy beach and had to walk it back and wait for it to pick up.

A BIG kudos to the DCR white pickup, state police and local police that drove by, saw we were having fun in the safety of the sugar bowl, and kept driving to let us have fun.

A boo-urns (but understandable precaution) to the "Environmental Police" K-9 officer who threatened to arrest all the windsurfers for going on the water.

Met some great new people... and put faces to names today:

Steve Cooper & Scott McKay.. as well as saw Dean from Ned's Point again who literally sliced a 2x4 (though a soggy one) into two with his fin. Luckily it was a weed fin, so his board didn't snap in half also!


+ Sailed (not just survived) 3.3 conditions

+ Gybed in storm conditions successfully 3 times (out of like.. maybe 10?)

Weather Conditions

Lighter at first (by the chart, this is likely when it dropped to lulls in the low 20's), but when it came back it cace back with force.

Even inside the bowl, there was still shin high chop. Nice lines on starboard, bouncing around (scarily due to high wind) on port.

Water Colors

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  78L FreeWave/3.3 Goya Guru


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