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Taste of Falll?

Lake Simcoe Port Bolster

I watched the wind reports in the morning and it seemed slow to build. Pretty tired from a week of windsurfing, sailing(laser) and cottage maintenance so was a bit unsure. Of course you just never know if this could be the last wind for the next week and I had time so off we went. With the wind just chaniging from NE to N , Port Bolster was a pretty good bet.

Arrived to find know one there. I could see about 10 kites down at Holmes point but its $20 for parking there.. Started to rig my 5.4. I got trashed pretty good last year at Port Bolster so I was playing it conservative. Reiner showed up. Talked with him and he was rigging his 6.4 so quick change to my 6.5 and out we went. Used that with my 110 Nasih Titan for about 50 minutes and then switched over to a Kode 103. Wow what a difference . Starboard tack had some nice ramps for jumping and with a smaller board I had some sense of control. The port tack was pretty messy (lots of chop) and getting into the rear foot strap was a challenge. Waves were pretty smooth once you cleared the sandbar and this is one of the attractions of Port Bolster. Water levels still good so was not hitting the sand.

Not hitting any jibes this time partly due to the bigger water. All in all a good session. Air temperature was cool (18)but the water was nice and warm(21). Glad to sail with riNR. He had some nice air on the starboard tack ramps.

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  N 16-22 18




  110 Naish Titan/103 Starboard Kode/6.5 Retro


  1 hrs. 15 min.

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