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Wow - Rough start, great finish at lonely Long Beach

Erie Sideroad 26 Long Beach

So I get to Long Beach at 1pm. Looked like two guys had walked into the park from the road. Nobody at sideroad 26, nobody at sideroad 18. Huh. ok, back to sideroad 26 where I can park near the beach. On the water at 1:30 with the 4.5 rigged pretty flat, Bounced out over the shorebreak successfully (wind was mostly onshore), finally get hooked in and my harness falls apart -seems I forgot how to put it together - having not sailed since July 14th (sob) - and now I'm pretty far from my launch. Wasted a lot of energy getting back to shore, and I'm cold. Fix the harness and get back at it. Now we're startin to have fun, but then wind seems to drop enough to warrant a sail adjustment. Let a bit off the downhaul, go back out and, well, let's just say Mistake. I screwed that up royally. After getting tossed around like a rag doll, back to the beach and tune the sail again. Now my day turns from exhausting to awesome. Sail's working, I'm making jibes, landing jumps and waveriding on some sweet waves - some swells had to be pushin 10 feet, and I wasn't cold any more. Got about 45 minutes of this in before the rain started and called it quits. What started out looking like a bad outting turned into a dream. I love this spot on Lake Erie. The waves sure do formup nice after 2 days of wind. Curious to know what the popular spot to sail is on Erie nowadays.

Weather Conditions

cloudy; wore steamer with bare feet and hands; a bit gusty

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-30 11




  Rogue Wave 8'5/Ezzy Wave SE 4.5


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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