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Started with a wimper then BIG BARK!!!

Simcoe Kiters, Kiters, kiters

SHowed up at 1 pm to find lots of people comming off the water to rerig. Decided to head out on an old 6.4 Gastra. Slogged and planned and struggled with this old sail. Near miss with a kite....kinda my own fault, kinda his fault. Wind picked up big time.

Rigged 5.7 super flat. Went out and blasted around. Board was out of the water more than in it. Couple big wipe outs. Chiro was there cutting it up with his new board (80 Quattro) or something like that.

Weather Conditions

Built to nuking conditions

The Day at a Glance


   18-24 11




  145 naish/6.4, 5.7


  2 hrs.

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