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What was I thinking

Scugog NE park

Not only Did I choose the wrong body of water. I should have left earlier and traveled further to Beaverton Or even Sandbanks.

THen I Go to the wrong launch expecting the wind to change direction making getting out to the wind line a real pain.

Then on a small board that is hard to uphaul because it sinks on me.

Thanks to splash to loaning his vest and hood or it would have been a total wreck. Oh yeah did i mention the brain fart og wearing my gloves inside out and wondering why my hands were so cold.

I did manage to get some good runs on the 5.7 115 setup before going in for the bigger board because the lulls were driving me crazy.

Then on the bigger board it was much easier to get to the windline, but in the gusts it was way too big.

Weather Conditions

From clouds to rain to sun and cool. Wind was up and down

The Day at a Glance


  W 18-25 9




  115 xtc, 145 Naish /5.7 WS


  2 hrs.

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