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Semiahmoo Bay White Rock (East Beach)

This session made for 5 sessions in 5 days!

Slow start to this session – took too much sail out at first (4.5) and was just getting rag dolled, then had the wrong fins (stock MFC’s were picking up weed), then had some fun once it put the Makani weed-wave fins in a sized down to 4.0.

Early in the session I sailed downwind to hold onto Tony’s errant rig while he walked in – it was getting really windy!

Lubo and I had a ‘kiss’ out on the water (me cranking upwind and Lubo riding a wave off the wind). While we were taking post-collision my board hit him in the head (courtesy of a wave – good thing he was wearing a helmet).

Quotes of the day:

Tony: “I could use a little less wind and a little more sideshore wind.”

Alton: “Don’t you ever get tired? You were just cranking any time I saw you!”

Me: “Oh I was tired alright (but I wasn’t going to let this on pass me by).”

Click on the following link to listen to on site voice report:

pictures: A couple of pictures I took while I was in a rigging frenzy getting ready to head out!

Weather Conditions

Wind: 3 (out of five stars)

Wind was steady at first in the sun, but the clouds brought shifts, holes, gusts and squalls. The wind felt warm at first in the sun, but the temp dropped with the cloud and made bare hands and the 5/3 seem chilly.

Water/Waves: 5 (out of five stars)

These waves were Oregon-coast-like waves (weight, size and barrelling). There were some waves in the ‘pocket’ down by the pier that were well over head high (I came in to take off my PFD to make it safer). Tony broke a mast!

Jumps: 3 (out of five stars)

Jumps could be had in both directions for most of the session. Then toward the end the wind shifted WNW and solid jumps could be had on starboard on the way out!

Stoke: 4 (out of five stars)

Big waves were generating big smiles and respect! Nice to see some of the guys sailing really well (Alton, Mike, Jordan, and Michael to name a few).

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 25-30 6




  Goya Quad 84 + Makani weed wave fins/Ezzy Wave SE 4.5/4.0


  3 hrs.

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