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Holy Crap!

Joe's Water Joe's Place

Whatever those guys holy crap were the gusts nuts at times!

Nice day, good group, beautiful spot, warm water, shorts, and lots of smiles.

Only bummer, I was sailing like crap. I never felt confy flowy. I always felt like I was getting thrown around.

Fun thing was 1 sail on 3 different boards and noting difference of ride of each. I would conclude that if you only sail bump and jump and flatter water then do not buy a quad. They are wave boards only in my opinion.

Good long session but made the mistake of trying to get one more run only to blow a jibe on the far side and notice the huge front moving through. I made it back close enough before wind started coming straight off the land. Made for a nice long swim back in, but luckily got packed up before the rain came.

Weather Conditions

Bump and jump with flat on inside

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-30 30




  Exocet 105L Wave, Quattro 95L Quad, Poison 91L Wave/5.0M NP Core


  4 hrs.

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