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Overpowered and still no clean-loop to claim

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Went back to the stick and it was a strong strong day. I rigged 4.2, but seeing what I thought was the normal 4.2-4.4 sails on the water, I didn't add any downhaul. Turns out Brad was overpowered on the 4.0.... it was definitely windier than yesterday.

Name of the game today was looping. I probably should have switched to my small board, but once on the water it's hard to motivate yourself to go back to the car, setup another board, especially when the one you've got is working.

Ramps were definitely bigger, but so was the overpowered factor. Fully powered up and getting the sail windward is much harder and I was alot more gun-shy, and had more bad crashes. Twice I chickened out mid-air and came down full impact at a quarter rotation (think.... stalled chop-hop into catapult).

Had two where I dunked into the water, but with a kick of the back leg to get the sail up, I could waterstart up in the straps. Cheating... and probably only 75% rotation again, but still. Looks like I almost did it from shore :P Still... I can't claim it though. Guys say I have it, and brad said my technique is great (board and mast along the same line, meaning I'm tight in a ball).

It really begs the question: when can you claim it? I think I'll know it when I get my first clean one... feet in the straps, sail still flying.... but some of these are probably

The rest of the time was long reaches, and overpowered gybes. AS I got more tired, and the wind got stronger, my gybe success went down to 0%, but I was still going for loops. The wind and the 'big' board made for that combination where you take your speed, cut hard into the wind exposing the bottom of the board, and the wind just yanks it up and blows it down-wind again.

Exhausting but fun. Hoping to have landed one today, but alas, no dice.

Came in after one bad crash where I felt my ribs hurt. Probably just the harness that shifted on impact, and was jabbing me in a weird way, but it seemed like a good cue to take it easy.

Bonus: Xavier had brought a large cooler of beer and some croissants from San Francisco's best bakery, Tartine, for the dawgs for his first starboard vulcan and first shove-it. It'll be a hard act to follow.


+ Looped in strong overpowered conditions, pretty much taking the fear-factor out of looping for good (I hope)

+ Crashed over the nose on a shove-it, which is maybe a good sign? I need to see a video of myself to really figure out what the heck I'm doing on these

+ I can feel faster and slower rotations in the air, and am starting to get a better sense of how far along I am in the air, also had one really fast one which felt good.


+ Brad suggested trying to open up my front arm which might help get the nose more downwind

+ Sofi said to take-off more down-wind... if only I could find a spot like Coyote!

Weather Conditions

Strong wind and big chop for candlestick.

Gusts were big and the wind didn't really die down while I was out there.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 24-33 22




  99L Skate/4.2 Guru


  1 hrs. 15 min.

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