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Pre PSC conditioning and training.

Lake Scugog Ceserea Pier

We headed out on big gear at first due to long lulls in wind, big mistake. I did a couple of white knuckle runs and then back in for the smaller stuff. Back out on perfectly tuned for the conditions Ezzy 5.8M ( I'm finally getting the knack of tuning these sails). Some really good ripper runs on the flat water. I wish I had my GPS on for some of the broad reaches. Fathom gave me some awesome pointer in preparation for going to PSC that also helped me to maintain way more speed on my jibe exits, and to control the bounce and drive the rail harder. I got instant results from following his tips. They should really come in handy when bottom turning on the glassy smooth endless surreal waves of PSC. I can wait to try this new skill when we go to PSC in just over a week. PSC is going to be so great! PSC, PSC, PSC! Yeehaw! PSC! I hear the windsurfing is great in PSC, and that the waves break for miles and are glassy smooth, and conducive to learning in PSC. I can't wait to go to PSC! PSC rocks! Old Whitey is a buzz kill....PSC!

Weather Conditions

Flatter than flat with some little knee high swells but no PSC that's for sure.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 18-25 3




  Go 140L / Exocet 105L Wave/8.5M / 5.8M Ezzy Wave SE


  2 hrs. 45 min.

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