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PSC-0: The Forecast

Pacific Ocean San Diego, CA

Arrived in San Diego the afternoon before, without my bag. Of all the trips to loose luggage this was not the one - no gear, no sailing. After checking with the ground staff it looked like my bag was still at LAX and coming on the next flight (good), but that had been delayed and wouldn't be arriving for another three hours (bad). So off the hotel empty handed to go for swim. The hotel staff didn't have any men's bathing suits in their lost and found so I went swimming in my boxers. Really nice to cool off in the pool after a day of travelling! Then back to the airport in the hope of collecting my bag. The plane landed, people came out, bags came out, people collected their bags and they turned off the carrousel. No bag - I'm screwed! Off to see the ground crew again. "Oh that was a plane from another airline, yours will be here in a minute." That was a relief! So it was and so was my bag. Back to the hotel, quick dinner in little Italy, then off to bed early. When Reiner, John and Peter arrive got up and went for my second dinner (at the same restaurant)!

I had been following a number of forecasts the week before we arrived and here was my last prediction the morning of Saturday, May 3 based on the info I saw: "Warm temps (28), gentle wind and modest south swell to start the week [check], followed by cooler temperatures (19), stronger wind and larger W/NW swell mid-week [check]. Then promise of some south swell on Friday with warmer temps (mid 20’s) for the end of the week [sadly the south swell only reappeared in earnest on Friday]. It will be interesting to see how the week unfolds!"

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