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PSC-9: Victory at Sea (The Last Full Day)

Pacific Ocean Punta San Carlos: Beach Break & Bombora

Woke up to the sound of the louder ocean – could it be? YES! The south swell had returned, in earnest.

Incredible to see the fog being blown off the top of the mesa this morning before the sun broke the horizon.

Out on the water before sunrise to SUP in the south swell before the wind picked up too much. Caught four waves (with no swims) so the day is off to a good start! I joined Michael for a second set. Michael and I shared a ‘party’ wave on SUP’s – super cool to look down the wave and see Michael riding the same wave! Too sweet to pass up sharing an experience like this with friends.

The afternoon saw more wind than expected. Took the same gear out as the day before (4.2, Goya Quad 92), but today it was a handful right from the start. Really impressed by the way Jean and Maryam both sailed in the crazy conditions. Second choice was 3.7/Goya Quad 84. Was out on the water for close to two hours, but it was a rather unsettled session and you really had to hunt for waves in the early afternoon (in hindsight I should have waited for the evening session).

After taking a break I sized back up to the Goya Quad 92 and 4.2 that Michael has just brought in. Caught a half of a wave ride, then a longer ride. This was to make sure the day would end on a good note.

It was a four-sport day with SUP, SUP-sail, mountain bike (with Tyson, Bjorn, Henrick – we rode up “Dad’s Ridge, then “Cliffs”, “Bad Lands”, and “Stan’s”), and two windsurfing sessions that were logged as one. All were pretty special, but the windsurfing was more of a battle than bliss.

Quote(s) of the day:

Me to Reiner (as we emerge from out tents pre-dawn): “What! More of this again – more wind, more waves, more sun!”

Reiner: “Hard to take!”

Me (making reference to Mike C’s trip in 2013): “Can you imagine three weeks!”

Michael: “I would like to SUP, but it's going to take me a few minutes to get ready.”

Me: “That’s OK, my schedule is pretty open today.”

Wyatt (after the first session): “You were flying out there!”

Me: “Who says quads aren’t fast. At one point, I began to wonder if I was going to break the sound barrier.”

Maryam (after the second session): “That felt like running the last 10 km of a marathon!”

Weather Conditions

Wind *** (out of five stars)

Wind was strong but gusty at the west end of the beach. Full on batten down the hatches (what the locals call “Victory at Sea”). There was so much wind my helmet was lifting off my head and the tops of the waves were getting vaporized – this looked cool (but slightly intimidating) from the outside coming in.

Water/Waves * (out of five stars)

There were hints of south swell early in the day, but the early afternoon saw slim pickings for waves and extremely confused water and fugly conditions on the inside with chop on the faces of the few waves that were around. Late in the day the wind swell started to wrap into the bay.

Jumps * (out of five stars)

Occasional jumping opportunities inside and lots of ramps on Bombora.

Stoke * (out of five stars)

More like a challenge course than fun at times. A “Thank you Sir, may I please have another.”, kind of day.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 35-40 21




  Starboard Hero 9’ x 33” SUP , RRD WSSUP-sail, Goya Quad 92, Goysa Quad 84/Exxy Elite 5.3, Ezzy Elite 4.2, Ezzy Elite 3.6


  2 hrs.

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