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wellers, quinte consecon, bayside

so, checked the forcast.. wnw breeze, looks like it might be good for a formula sailing day at wellers. i get there, and it looks great! solid 10-12knots, sunny, and the winds in a perfect direction. quickly grab my big gear, and starting rigging up.

but..dangit ! wind starts picking up.. again,,!

away goes the formula gear, and out comes the 6.2/ 114 combo .. again.

i swear everytime i think im going to get a good lightwind session in, the wind picks up.!

anyway, out i go to make the best of it, pretty powered up, but after an hour or so, the sky is clouding over and the wind is shifting more sw, making it very holey, and gusty.

i head back in and check the report from Bay of Q.. woo.. looks solid sw there, kinda windy, but might die down a bit before i get there.. i pack it in, and head on over..

sure enough..its still windy, so,i rig the 6,2 again, but this time i have to go for the slightly smaller board, the 105l, as it really is breezy..

after a couple hours of that, the wind finally starts to fade.. yes!! time to rig the last!

i managed to get my best formula session in to date, unfortunately the wind continued to drop below the planing threshold, so only managed to get a half an hour..maybe 45 mins in... but it was worth having to put up with the 3 hours of 6.2 shortboard wind to get it. sweet.

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fading wind!

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  W - 22




  mistral syncro, tiga carve. AHD FORMULA/northwave 6.2, np v8 9m


  4 hrs.

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