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Round Two

Pacific Ocean Long Beach - Incinerator Rock

I camped overnight in an ocean-side walk-in camp site at Green Point. After setting up my site I returned down to eat dinner at Incinerator Rock. Woke early and broke camp. No dew made for a quick, dry pack.

Although Long Beach looked good for SUP (chest-high, clean lines, and light wind) I did a quick tour around to see if there was anything better on offer: North Chesterman (wind and really small waves); South Chesterman (ditto); Mackenzie Beach (small waves); Wickaninnish Beach (over-head-high peaks, but dumpy and not long sections, some wind) – so it was back to where I started at Long Beach with the knowledge that what I was about to get was pretty good!

Even with the tour was on the water about 8:30. Walked up to toward the north end of the beach and launched in the lee of the island. I wanted to start up wind in the smaller cleaner waves and drift down toward Incinerator Rock and gradually challenge myself with the increasing wave height. This plan worked perfectly and by the time I was about half way down the beach had caught over a dozen clean rides and was all smiles! Was really getting the feel for transitioning my feet to a surfers stance just as the board was catching the wave. After a short rest, caught one really nice left with multiple turns to the facing the wave! Time for breakfast!

Rigged up the 5.2 again after breakfast and took advantage of the morning breeze. Although the waves were smaller and rounder than yesterday the wind allowed you to catch them further out and ride the face longer than yesterday (for me anyway), which made for some super fun moments – backside rides, semi-powered frontside rides, multiple mini-hit down-the-line, and big drops while the wave collapsed!!! The only trouble was the waves were diminishing and the sets taking longer and longer to arrive. Time to head out and start driving. My ‘quick’ morning turned into just over five hours!

As I drove east I passed many sailable sites that reinforced how many options there are on the island: Kennedy Lake, Port Alberni, Cameron Lake, and then finally stopped for a quick pre-dinner ‘splash and dash’ solo session at Columbia Beach (which further reinforced how truly special Long Beach is).

Super fun learning Zen-filled day at Long Beach!

Quote(s) of the day:

Pat (over dinner in Nanaimo): “Sounds like you have had a busy, fun-filled day!” True that!

Weather Conditions

Wind ** (out of five stars)

Light NW wind, slightly stronger than yesterday and enough to SUP-sail.

Water/Waves **** (out of five stars)

Chest-high organized waves arriving in clean lines, throwing and dumping close to shore. Impact zone was closer to the beach and ride length was shorter on the low tide.

Jumps (out of five stars)

Not planning so no jumps.

Stoke **** (out of five stars)

Super fun day! Super confidence builder for SUPing early on and then SUP-sailing stoke followed!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   10-16 12




  Fanatic All Wave 145 (9’8” x 31”) /Ezzy Wave Panther 5.2


  2 hrs.

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