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Nukin' day at TI

Central Bay Treasure Island

Not many people at TI when I showed up. Daniel was sailing close to shore with another sailor who was coming in. Off in the distance, I could see Sofi and Jacob heading WAY upwind in search of better swell.

I was out by myself at first, riding 3.7 / 78L during the flood so pinching hard just to make sure I stayed well upwind of the launch. As the slack tide hit and I got more comfortable, I started to play around a bit more, going for some nice jumps both on port and starboard.

Eventually as others showed up I went further and futher until I saw Sofia and Jacob in the distance coming back down-wind. One one long reach out, I figured: I'm close enough, let's go for it.. and sailed off. Heading off into the bay by yourself is a bit of a daunting feeling but the wind was solid and I had a clear line to them. After a few minutes, I finally got to them (about 1.5 miles into the bay) and joined them playing around the chop/swell.

Eventually we went back to the island, jumped around, did some turns and called it a day.

Session highlights:

While sailing into the middle of the Central bay to meet up with Jacob and Sofi I thought I saw something in the water (was that just a whitecap). As I got closer, it was a dolphin which jumped along the surface between waves, never to be seen again.

Some big jumps on starboard and port with good float.

Making nearly all of my gybes in the big chop, but also planing full speed on the swell through some.


I can't loop in strong winds / big air to save my life... I don't get the sail into the right place and stall out.

Weather Conditions

Bump and jump to start with pretty steady wind. Bigger / cleaner swell towards the end but then wind started to die on the outside.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 27-35




  78L FreeWave/3.7 Eclipse


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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