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ABK - Day 3: Lectures and lightwind

Sacramento River Delta The Access

For day 3 of ABK the forecast wasn't looking good at all so the focus instead was on lectures.

In the morning, the freestyle group hammered through a ton of lectures:

Grubby, Clew-first Grubby, Duck tack, planing duck tack, switch kono, shove-it, shaka

3h in the hot hot sun (I guess I can't complain) and information overload.

In the afternoon, after a brief lecture on sail-chi (ABK staple), those few of us left took to the water. I was again on my 99L and 4.8 while Jenn was working on a 9'2 sup with a 4.2 Loco.

It was almost too little wind (2-3 mph) to balance but it was good warm-up for when a slight breeze appeared (call it 5-7mph). I'm just happy with my ability to catch / save myself on the 99L board and keep sailing. Andy did challenge me, after seeing my successful upwind 360's, to try a new variation:

Clew first upwind 360 finished with a duck to come out like a backwind gybe... after a few tries.. I managed one.

Cranking it up a notch came the next challenge:

Upwind 360, stalling the rotation half way to come out clew first, fin-first, to a clew-first fin-first gybe, then spinning the rig around into a backwinded gybe (2 board & sail rotations, switching between regular, clewfirst and backwinded sailing). In the light winds I managed 3 of those, though I still doubt I did it properly and didn't just force things around. Still proud to keep my balance through it all.

Jenn in the meantime was doing all sorts of trickery, getting a heli-tack for the first time.

Surprisingly fun for the complete lack of wind. I think it was being able to sail with the sun out and boardshorts on.

Weather Conditions

Light light wind

The Day at a Glance


  W 2-10 29




  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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