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First time planning!

Bay Area Shoreline lake, CA

Goal of this trip was to get my son Adam planning. Tried last weekend but with 12 knots it was not quite enough. Back in the Bay again, my brother suggested trying again as it was 20 knots at Palo Alto.

This is the worst sailing spot in the whole of SF Bay, gusty, small, geesy, but it is flat, onshore .

After a bit more coaching and fine tuning, Adam suddenly popped on a plane, came back all excited about the speed and a huge grin on. We have another addict!!

I got a few runs I just for fun.

Next is to get into the harness...

Rio Vista at low tide tomorrow.

Weather Conditions

Flat and gusty, but planning so nothing else matter.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   15-18 30




  Fanatic 160L/Boxer 5.8


  1 hrs.

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