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Squeezing the last out of the season

San Francisco Bay Haskins

Showed up late to the stick to light winds. Jason Voss was there to give one of the stick regulars a tacking lesson.

Kevin gave the heads up that the airport was blowing 18 so Dan S. and I packed up and went there. We both decided to rig "big" when Kevin pulled in. I was first to hit the water and managed to get on a plane on the first reach.

Spent the first half of the session just locking in during the gusts and schlogging waiting for the gusts. In the second half, I started to get a bit more confident and tried some freestyle on the 22cm/5.7 combo.

I managed 2 spock 540s and a spock which was pretty cool, not to mention got a little rotation on a flaka, though it was REALLY hard to keep speed when the gusts were so sparse.

Overall had a great time. Since it was schlogging half the time, when the gusts did come, it made for wonderfully flat water.

Kevin somehow was planing around on a 5.2 despite out-weighing me by 10-15lbs. Super impressive.

Great time!

Weather Conditions

Light winds with gusts that were good for 5.7, maybe 5.3.

The Day at a Glance






  99L Skate/5.7 Eclipse


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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