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Don't read this, it isn't pretty

Lake Ontario Burlington Beach

Forecast was dynamite, wind report at 1pm at Burlington Piers was 23 gusting 29 - again, dynamite. Show up at Burlington Beach, no one else in sight. Rig 5.0 and 8'5 and head out. Make the wind line no problem; then hit the second wind line and holy cow, wheelies across the lake, smoke on the water... turn around and head back to rig down. Put 4.0 together but by the time I get back to the beach, wind has dropped. Sooooo, take the 5.0 back out, how bad can it be? Slog way out and it drops all the way. Long swim back. 45 minutes later I'm almost at the beach and the gusts kick in again. So bust a few gusts and pack it in. Chalk it up to a good exercise session... the 2 guys with the lawnmower engine and the wakeboard/surfboard doing tow surfing had more fun.

Weather Conditions

started with nuke, ended with ...

The Day at a Glance


  SE 12-30 24




  Rogue Wave 8'5/Ezzy Wave SE 5.0


  3 hrs.

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