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The unexplanable smile - days ...death bed later

Lake Ontario Mac's Point aka Heaven!

Do we, as windsurfers, really realize just how privileged we really are? That was the question I was asking myself on my way home from sailing at Mac's Point, and the previous day sailing off County Rd. 20 / Huyck's Point Rd. Not only did I experience two days of amazing wave sailing back to back, but I captured some glimpses of the surreal wonders of nature.

A great day started with great company over a Sunset Grill breakfast. Sailing stories, experiences, turtorials all shared over coffee and great food. What a great way to start a day, but off to Mac's Point where life is always great.

I arrived to better than expected conditions and a full crew putting on a good show. Those Quebec boys sure know how to rip and they were putting on a pretty spectacular air show too...towering forwards, backs, push loops mixed in with some vulcans and some amazing front side hits......note: I was talking about them, and unfortunately, not me.

Here's where it all gets surreal.....the wind just keeps getting stronger, the waves keep getting cleaner, and taller. Uppers is over head high and like sliding down ice. Going out is not a crazy nightmare it can sometimes be. On the outside it's mast high rollers to slide surfing jibes on. Coming back into mid Mac's there were some clean head plus, half pipe sections, and lowers was super spaced out and smooth and forgiving.

I probably linked the most front side turns I have ever managed, but don't be fooled, I still suck....but getting better than totally sucking is still progress. I went for at least 10 back loop attempts with two rotated to nose plant to have sail rip out of hands. Frustrating, but at the end of the day I watched Fish go for one and it clicked what I was doing wrong. He was drive the nose down and snapping the board around at the last time???

And then the magic happens....while taking a breather (due to quads cramping up). The sun comes out as it is low in the sky and the place is filled with back lit green waves. Unbelievable! 15 minutes later it returns to overcast and only upper Mac's has full sun. Looking towards West Point it was pure white water and waves back lit, absolutely surreal! Ilan even let out a yelp of elation at the beauty he was capturing on his camera. Then came the finally, as if it could get any better, a full on clean rainbow touching down on the water looking towards outlet with guys sailing in front of it....un-freaking-believable! WOW! WOW! WOW! I thought, "I must be dreaming!"

After this show we all hit the water for one last round at this wonder. It was short lived and mostly for Ilan's and other's cameras. Fish throws a sweet forward, Old Whitey and I hitting the same steep ramps heading out only to blow it and bump into each other water starting, I tried a back loop again, I caught Pierre whipping up some massive spray beside me, Fathom's hammering away front side turns. The place is on fire and the wind angle changed to the sweet spot where you could stay closer to the wave. My legs started cramping up again, I was cold and it was getting close to dark. Time to come in, reluctantly though. Who would want this to end?

We all derigged in the dark, and after I stuck my last bit of gear in the van. I walked out to the road to see a bright moon reflecting of the waves and water and the silhouette of sailors standing on the shore sharing in the day's adventure.

We ARE a fortunate few my friends. I hope you all realize that and appreciate it. The fact that we can immerse ourselves in it, react with it, and stand back and absorb it is one true blessing that many will never ever experience or even recognize.

Weather Conditions

Totally amazing!

The Day at a Glance


  W 25-35 15




  105L / 91L/5.8M / 4.7M


  4 hrs. 30 min.

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