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Roctober starts with a bang!

Lake Erie Erie

Tough sailing this weekend. Big waves, huge gusts, wind shifts, lots of rain and a couple of periods where the winds totally shut down only to come back with a vengeance! on my last run on Saturday, I could barley hang on to the Small sail which was rigged really tight. Though, through all the chaos mother nature threw at us, there were some memorable moments where I was totally dialed in nailing some really sweet big floaty airs on the way out and some of my best wave rides of the season. Saturday ended up with rum and pizza with a great bunch of guys. Stayed over for Sunday's forecast. Had cramps all over. It was a tough sail.

More of the same Sunday, Gusty, heavy rains and slightly lighter winds and a little more onshore.Still sore from the previous day, it took me a while to get motivated. Finally I rigged and went for it. Again, a tough sail but it was fun. riding was way more difficult but still managed to get some beauties.

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   3-35 12




  Goya 92 & 78 Quad/Chopper M, S


  6 hrs.

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