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Big Mac and torn sails

Ontario Big Mac

The forecast got downgraded in the morning (WRONG!)

By the time I arrived most were on low 4's sails, however all quickly came back to rig down. So I rigged the 3.5. As I'm getting ready to get going, FISH was powered to overpowered on 3.5 , sail ripping out of his hand in the top turns.

It was a day of trial and error as the wind was very gusty and very strong and turning half way through the day to full West (and some NW into it).

Combination that worked best today was 2.9 fully downhaul with minimal outhaul (lesson learned from sailing 3.5 in 45-50 knots). Made the sail a LOT less twitchy yet can still absorb the crazy gusts.

Board wise it was fun when WSW on 69L but as it turned more side off, the PW 85L and 2.9 sail was SWEET for waveriding, reminescing of San Carlos slogging out then wave riding with very light feeling sail on the way back.

Very happy I bought the 2.9. Complete control today and did not get tired eventhough the wind was a bit nut!

As FISH mentioned the waves in lower Mac and middle Mac were big with long period. Probably head/overhead sets. One of which I got caught in and puncture my 3.5 windows at the end of the day (too bad because I still had juice and it was very nice). I had a spare 3.5 but the top panel (patched up) came apart when lent earlier to Windchiro. On the topic of lending, also lent him later the other 3.5 and 63L, another guy separated his board/sail so lent him a 400cm mast. Anything to see people on the water having a ball.

Tried one fast back loop, landed nose first into my boom.

Got some nice rides today, somewhat inconsistent in regard to speed and top turn hit as still working on the technique, but better than from the weekend.

Much better at going more vertical up the face of the wave.

Got to lay that sail/lean forward more in the bottom and gain more speed bottom turning.

More practice tomorrow.

So much fun to see so many people out sailing , watching, taking pictures and generally stoked by the conditions.

I had a lot of fun today.

Once home I checked the buoy and it was up to 33-41 knots, 3.7m waves , 8sec.

More of the same tomorrow afternoon.

Weather Conditions

31-44 knots, strong gusts, side/side off by the end of the day.

Big waves. Nutty chops in the middle. Mast to overmast swells in the middle to jibe on.

The Day at a Glance


  W 33-41 14




  Tabou PW 69 then 85/SF 2.9 (and 1hr of 3.5)


  4 hrs. 30 min.

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