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....and then...MAGIC!

Lake Erie Erie

Got an email from Fathom about doing Sandbanks...which I've been wanting to do. Windyyet and the windmill were heading out there. Texted a bunch of guys to do the treck with me. Zeni was game so plan was to pick him up at 8am and head to sandbanks. Didn't even open up the computer in the morning. When I got to Zeni's, he was concerned about the trip as the forecast was diminished and the reading in the morning was kind of low. We drove to the gas station and discussed the matter. As I am not familiar with the Sandbanks area and he is, I let him make the call. I was easy, had the day off and just wanted to wave sail! His call was that da reef was a safer da reef it was! Not as windy when we got there, so rigged the M. Watched Phil S do his magic on the water for a while and had a nice little chat with his bro Tom. By the time I suited up and hit the water, wind had picked up and only lasted a couple of runs before I put up the S sail. Waves were getting big and beautiful. Some awesome riding by all, but as usual, Dan and Casey stood out with their riding and hitting the lip! Again, I had some of my best rides of the season, but some times way too much power, so up to rig my new XS sail....That thing rocks! Having a little more control, I had a blast on the waves until all of a sudden it shut down! I was lucky to have come in just in time. A while in and it looked like it was coming back, so an attempt to go out again but was unsuccessful. Most guys packed it in as the winds shifted to side off. Casey brought out his new 118L wave weapon and was killing it! I took out the sea cow and soon followed. First real session on that board...and it rocks. Nailed some sweet DWL rides with it, but on the outside I was getting overpowered, so in for the 92L. Slogged out cursing that I should have remained on the sea cow...until I hit the wind line. Totally powered up and dialed in, I went way out to head upwind and get myself in a good position. On the way in, I see a bomb forming....just had to try get on it, only to miss it, but behind it was an even bigger, cleaner bomb which I managed to nail. About half a dozen turns in, I had to decide weather to kick out or take it all the way to the beach and drive for the gear. I couldn't kick out! Rode it all the way to the beach! by the end of the ride, my legs and arms were burning! That was the longest and best ride of my life....for me, it was pure magic!

So the question remains....did we make the right call? I was really looking forward to sandbanks, to sail with Fathom and rINR, and meet the sandbanks crew, but I totally had a blast at da reef!

Weather Conditions

Sun, Big winds & big waves!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 25-35 13




  Goya 92 & 78 Quad, AHD 7'6 windsup/Chopper M, S, XS


  4 hrs.

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