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Done - but not by choice?

Lake Ontario Mac's Point - SBX

Nice breakfast at Sunset Grill with Fathom before our car pooled departure to SBX for yet another kick at the can. We arrived to the usual suspects already rigging up and raring to go. I rigged 4.7M on the 95L (as quad (not twin )) and glad I did for the shifty wind and big wind shadow on the inside. The quad rips up wind so hard it made up for getting washed on the inside and getting sucked down wind in the crazy shore current. The quad set up is NOT a treat when hammering through the crazy chop on the way out. I actually managed a couple of decent front side turns where I was getting the "feeling" of linking some smooth turns together.......I will get there eventually. Some nice riding to watch even if I'm the lowest man on the totem pole amongst my peers. I witnessed Marty link at least a dozen turns on one run back in - NICE! Fathom was getting some nice tweaked out hits of the lip, Ilan and Fish killing it as usual too. JF getting some nice smoothies in the mix. Nice riding guys, one day I'll be up to SBX snuff.

Unfortunately I ended my day (season) getting thrown forward with foot stuck in strap and felt the inside of my knee go "pop". It scared the crap out of me at first because I was way on the outside hunting for the mast high rollers to surf jibe on. My fear was an MCL....fortunately I was able to sail back in but could tell there was something wrong. I called it quits when Fathom's diagnosis indicated likely tear of meniscus. I packed it in and bundled up in the back seat of the van with the heat set to "sauna" while the boys squeezed out the last drop of frigid fun.

Bonus was lying in back seat and grabbing some winks as Fathom drove the bus home. Car pooling definitely has its advantages.

By the way, missed last 4 journal entries and some 16 plus hours of sailing. I think 43 sessions may be my record.

Weather Conditions

very gusty from over powered to schlogging

some amazing waves up in front of the house with lots of push to them

freaking cold hands with 1.5 mil gloves

shore break / current / no wind inside made for painful wash cycle

The Day at a Glance


  W 25-30 5




  Quatro Quad 95L/4.7M Ezzy Wave SE


  3 hrs.

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