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Reef Warrior Christmas wave party

Lake Erie Erie

To start off I gotta mention my last few (3 or 4) sessions which I never posted! I know that at least one of these sessions was amazing, meanwhile my last couple sessions, not so good. One of them was in pain due to a rib injury, and in my last session, I was just feeling too stiff due to being overdressed and just too warm!

Today I just said 'hell with it'. Just put on my 6/5/4 on skin, Took off the temporary straps I had set up for my harness to keep it low and away from my ribs (which are 95% healed), and I just had a blast. A little overpowered at times, but a tweak of down & out haul quickly fixed that. Best rides I had were mainly on the second reef, were at times were breaking quite large. I get such a rush going for a bottom turn, laying down the sail (which I need to lay down further and harder!!) and looking up over the mast to see a nice smooth wall of water coming at me! Just love it! Couple of times (i think) I got backwinded and got totally trashed in some very cold white water.....But never really got too cold...considering the amount of trashings I got today! One time, my hands got numb with cold, but a short break got the blood flowing again and was all good after that.

Great turnout of guys considering the time of year. At one time I counted 7 sails out!

Ended the day with a nice shot of Christmas rum with Casey and cliff...........

Best Christmas present.....Santa delivered!!!

Weather Conditions

Fugly and fun

The Day at a Glance


  SW 30- 4




  Goya 92 Quad/Chopper M


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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