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A snapped line to open the season

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

This past week has started to show signs of the windy season starting. Northwest winds, thermals starting to pick up and today a NW front was expected to help push it along.

I joined Sofi, Kevin and Graham down at the stick. Sofi had gone out on 3.8 and killed the wind and was coming back in to rerig. Kevin on 4.8 had given up.

Based on forecast and Sofi's 3.8 email to the group, I didn't bring the big stuff, so only had 4.8 as my biggest so rigged that.

Had about 30 minutes of fun, planing 1/3 of the time.

0 for 3 on spocks, 0 for 1 on flakas, 1 for 1 on gybes and a catapult. Still rusty, but about where I left it last season ;)

One reach, I was sailing along when suddenly I had the boom head snap off the mast. I thought the clamp had opened or slipped until I looked at it and saw two frayed edges on my inhaul line (one that holds the clamp no a chinook boom). This was a nylon line, that had some fraying and had been used for 1 season. It was due for a replacement but I figured I'd be OK (something I had told myself for months). Hm... do I have any spare line I could use... not really (silly of me! I will start carrying some wrapped around my spreader bar now)

I detached the boom and lay it on the board, and started to butt-sail (one hand on the mast, one hand on the foot of the sail) back to shore, which was a long but not impossible distance away. Luckily the wind was a bit lighter so it was manageable.

Feeling the drag, I waterstarted up (still just holding onto to foot of the sail) and schlogged along standing go the board just holding the mast and foot. Exhausting.... forearms burning.. fingers starting to cramp. Sofi and Graham kept close sometimes getting planing in gusts (4.8 wind), while I struggled along awkwardly sailing a very bagged out 4.8 with no boom while standing on my 99L. This is now how I pictured day 1.

After falling back in, I tried attaching the clew of the boom so I could have something more comfortable to sheet the sail in with.... a few more minutes of butt sailing like that and I gave up. I called Sofi over, who had earlier offered a ride (which I stupidly refused while I had full energy), and finally took him up on his offer. He pulled me at about twice the speed an 1/10 of the energy back towards shore and once we hit a wind shadow, I swam myself back in.

Luckily through all of that, I had managed to keep a beam reach and made it back to the launch without having to climb over rocks (yay!).

30 minutes on the water

20 minutes in the water

(Un?)Fortunately the wind had died anyway so there was no more windsurfing to be had by anyone.

Sofi was a lifesaver... for a tow, and for earlier lending me his wife's harness since (of course) I forgot mine. Still...

Weather Conditions

Gusty 5.2 conditions

The Day at a Glance


  NW 12-25




  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  30 min.

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