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Baja Beauty

Sea of Cortez Los Barriles

Arrived Saturday evening....word was that February sucked for wind this year. Sure enough Sunday was still and as flat as a pancake....perfect for a Sup and a snorkel with my wife!

Monday morning, the flag starts flying, and by mid morning I'm flying over turquoise waters....felt so good to once again be plaining and hanging off the boom! The water and air were warm enough for just board shorts, but I opted to wear a 2mm top which kept me quite comfortable throughout the session. The water was quite flats so I was just blasting....'mowing the lawn' (which is a heck a lot better than shoveling snow) and tuning my duck jibes and truing out a bunch of tacks. As Zeni had told me, I gotta fall a 1000 times before I get one! Guess I got 900 to go!

Borrowed gear was older but worked great for those conditions!

Weather Conditions

Warm, steady winds and quite flat

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


   18-20 30




  RRD 95 freestyle wave/NP 5.4


  3 hrs.

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