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Easter Extravaganza

Pamlico Sound and Atlantic Ocean Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

In the end, it was three of us that could make the long haul. Was picked up after school by the giant white van. The term OCD had been bandied about but I think that stands for One Cool Dude as riNR had tricked out the van with suspended board holders, boom racks, enough room for twice as many sails as we'd brought and the icing on the cake - individually labelled Rubbermaid tubs for all of our bits and pieces. The drive down was easy with three drivers and a good GPS barking out orders. We arrived in the early am and after sorting out breakfast and accommodations went to check the ocean waves. Nothing doing there so off to the previously named Canadian Hole. Hours of flat water fun ensued. Tried a lot of fast tacks so spent a lot of time in the water. Seemed like every time I was down some maniac came splashing past or gybed around me with a giant grin on his Ezzy-sailing face. I don't think he understands if you're not getting wet - you're not learning. After a few hours of 5.3 it was time to check the ocean again. Hit ramp 34 and the water was frothing. No real ground swell but nice wind driven waves and enough strong wind that the shorebreak was a minor concern. Enough wind for 4.7 and 83 quad for me. Caught a few wave rides (good to be front-siding at last) and had a couple of good jumps. The current was wicked and took you up the beach quickly. We all had a long schlog back upwind at some point in the two hour session. riNR got tired of harassing the local marine mammals and it was decided that we'd head back to the sound to finish of the day. Windy flat stuff until dark and I have the amazing memory of sailing back and forth directly between the red fireball of the setting sun and the pale huge full moon. As we packed up in the dark and headed for dinner, I couldn't help thinking that even if I didn't sail another minute - this trip was already worth it.

Weather Conditions

Flat and windy, then hot and sunny and current-filled oceany and then flat and windy again. Warmish water too.

The Day at a Glance






  RRD 109 and 83 Quad/Simmer 5.3 and 4.7 Icons


  7 hrs.

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