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Flaka #2... not a fluke after all!

San Francisco Bay Haskins

Was the first as Haskins aside from a speed sailor (7.0 and managed to hit 35 knots that day).

Kevin arrived and he went 4.4 so I rigged 4.8 (smallest I brought with me since I didn't think it would be windy! oops!). George showed up just as we were finishing up rigging, and Tim Martin and Jacob joined in while we were on the water.

For a while, the only 4 sailors on the water were all on Skate/Loco combos! Good times.

Had lots of fun sailing in the strong winds. Many times, the gusts were too much to comfortably go for a move. I still felt like I was on it sailing though the sail was not super great feeling.

I did manage to sail away from my 2nd ever flaka.... was a bit slow and did it going into a lull but it made it around. Another one of my flakas was actually very close (earlier). Turns making it half way through is actually making it 90% through if you can stay balanced and have enough wind to hold you up as you spin around.

Kevin immediately motioned beer on the water. Guess I'm buying again.. no objections. Glad I'm nearly back to where I finished off last season. Would love to have flaka's dialed this season before baby shows up and I get way less time on the water.

Best day of the year for me so far.

Weather Conditions

Gusty, but fun gusty... lulls weren't enough to

Wind came in a little NW at times. Tide started high and ended up schlopping through mud.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 22-25




  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  2 hrs.

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