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hatteras trip done

Pamlico Sound Hatteras

Our week in Hatteras is now done! A very COLD week, I must say… temps started at around 10-12, and never reached more than 18! First time sailing Frisco sound at end of April in a hoodie (thanx Chris)!!

The silver lining were the winds: 6.7 / 5.6 most days , some 4.7 here and there… and one day with no wind for rest..

Eventually, the big blow came in on Friday, built up from 6.7 to 4.2 within a couple of hours, by 5pm we run out of sails sizes – even the 3.7 guy! Blew really rcazy through the night, next day we reversed the rigging sequence by starting small first, and finishing on a 6.something.

No sailing pics, so few watercolours done on the quiet days..

Weather Conditions


Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  N 10-30 14




  tabou rocket 115/6.7 -4.2


  16 hrs. 39 min.

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