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Dad's Day Paddle

MarieCurtisixnho Parca Lago ontario

Best daddy / daughter day ever! Woke up disgracefully but suitably late for Father's Day, having dreamt of BBQ ribs (?). Same succulent wee beauty's were provided for brunch. On FB, my cousin, married to an ex pro surfer out in Cali had exact same dream and breakfast, 'cept she had Mac n cheese instead of coleslaw on the side......oh those left coasters..

Got the maus suited up in snazzy, bamboo/ charcoal NP neo gear and loaded the SUPs. Was awesome to paddle with my favorite girl. Went along the shoreline peeking at the fronts (backs?) of some very nice real estate at the end of our street. Sooooo lucky to live down here by the lake. Discovered that it's easier paddling downwind so was quite a comical workout getting back to launch. Kneeling seems to be best upwind option. They go totally "prone" from Maui 2 Molokai race dontchaknow..... That's probably like tow in windsurfing, no? Rubbish.

Was so cool to paddle alongside my daughter. She has SUPed in Jericoaracoara, Panama and Colombia. So seeing the sunbathing giant carp and the abandoned golf balls was no biggie eh, maus? :)

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  Naish Nalu 10' / Cruiser touring 12'6/None


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