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Decent warm water waves

G.Bay Near Collingwood

Had a decent flat water sesh on the weekend, but was stoked for some waves... Rushed home after work, probably could have had slightly better wind (but more onshore) with an hours or so drive, but decided to stick at home to maximize TOW. Was the right call as I was out till dark and wanted more.

Perfect sideshore direction, side-off at times. Wind wasn't quite strong enough to avoid creating a swirling windless hole inside the shoal deflected by overbuildt marina berakwalls (the negative to the side-off direction).

Not massive waves, but long period for the height. Fun to chase the longer "humps" of swell out back, and try to stay with them as they jacked up to decent rides on the shoal.

Sudden wind die out, to the point where it was quicker to swim/drag my gear in the last 100m. Was some sunset light left so had to get out the paddle and catch a couple more.

(Still can't post pics on journal)

Weather Conditions

side/side-off wind, nice wide DTL breaking both directions on the shoal

The Day at a Glance


  NW 5-20 20




  119L Prowave/Ezzy 5.0


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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