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Practice makes Perfect?

Palmico Sound & Atlantic Ocean Isabella Beach

Sailed with Stormes (Matt - Ottawa-SBX regular) and Gary on the sound side. Practiced tacking and duck jibes the whole time. Was getting more and more but far from perfect.

After the wind picked up and filled in better Matt and I journeyed over to the Ocean side for some side off conditions. The wind was a tad on the light side for me, and the waves weren't too impressive yet. Finally quite with raw hands and fatigue.

The Shrekston Crew got the best of it with slightly better winds and tide going out made for better waves. Casey was killing it, as usual. Zeni getting some nice hits, but slow down buddy, they're right behind you......and now they're not. ;-)

Good times for all. I played a little sherpa for the crew, so we could get off in time for the AWT registration at WindNC. No I didn't register........Cool to see some of the top pro sailors there.

Weather Conditions

flat sound side

some waves, gusty , side off winds ocean side

The Day at a Glance


  NE 20-20 28






  3 hrs.

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