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Lake Ontario MCP

Didn't get out until early afternoon, checked out a few spots around Burlington/Hamilton. There were some crazy jet-skiers out on standups in Burlington beach, apparently police at the next parking lot down handing out tickets to people trying to go in the water (wasn't sure if it was surfers or jet ski people).

Found a couple alright side-on spots but was no one around so kept moving on.

Ended up going with MCP around 4pm. Wind was just side-on enough to be able to head straight out, getting out wasn't too bad (on floaty board) with a bit of dodging. Tried the 4.2 first, way overpowered so switched down to the 3.0 to hopefully get some nice gravity-powered waverides, but was still decently powered up with the little sail.

Heading out far enough there were spots where the monster swell was breaking, the shelf near the treatment plant and another about a half mile or more straight out from the rivermouth. Didn't manage to score any sweet rides, as the chop was bouncing me to much to get a mean bottom turn on at high speed. Straight-line warp speed backside runs strapless on the huge waves was exciting enough for me. Just awe inspiring (on the edge of scary) with such huge swell heaving up way overhead!

Session ended when a huge gust swept through, followed by a 100% wind shutdown while I was way offshore. Waited for it to come back and wasn't happening, so started a slow backstroke in with my feet on my gear. Finally when I was about halfway back, enough wind came that I could at least stand and balance on the board, steep wave jacked up behind me and rode it most of the way in.

Good times overall considering I didn't really shred any waves, but no desparate moments in the gnarliest conditions I've probably been in.

Weather Conditions

Huuuge swell offshore, side-on gusty wind

The Day at a Glance


  E 5-35 10




  119L Prowave/North 3.0


  2 hrs.

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