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November 1st???

Lake Erie Lake Erie Sideroad 18, Burnaby

I haven't sailed in November for years. What a treat. The air temp was 14 but the water has cooled a lot since Thanksgiving. Wore a titanium vest under my steamer but no booties. When things are going well I get a song in my head. Today it was "I can't feel me feet when I'm with you" - feet were cold but not unbearable. Forearm fatigue was my challenge today. Last time I sailed here, some 19 years ago, I snapped the nose off my Roguewave 8'6. Today I sailed for 2 hours, made it upwind to the point at the east end of Long Beach where the waves were forming nicely. Sailed with Scott who was on a 4.7 and owning the waves and making every jibe, as usual. I had some of the best wave rides of my life, one was a 10 footer. What an adrenaline charge doing that. Ended my sesh a little awkwardly, getting separated from my board and having to swim in. Happy to be alive and can't wait for next year. Thanks Lake Erie for another great season.

Weather Conditions

fantastic. awesome. challenging

The Day at a Glance


  W 25-30 14




  Rogue Wave 7'11/Ezzy wave se 4.5


  2 hrs.

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