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Break throughs and Mow downs

Lake Ontario Mac's Point

What an awesome day today was. Some sweet and steep waves to be had by all.

My first run out was a total white knuckle run which consisted of ripping out there, and actually nailing a jibe, and coming straight back heart was racing! The gusts would literally jerk the rig in your hands. Took a breather and shook it off and went out for some more as I didn't want to turn the day into just short little survival sailing runs. I did that a couple of times then handed my gear off to JetMech as I sat in the van half stripped down with the heat blasting to get the chill out of my bones from standing around. Chris came back in and I was finally warm again. Chris told me he mover my lines forward a bit and boy did that make a world of difference. I actually moved them a bit more later and now I felt comfortable which is rare for me on a 3.7M and 81L board. I told myself I would just stay out there as long as I could seeing that the seasoned sailors looked comfortable in the conditions, and other then coming in to warm my frozen finger tips the rest of the session went really great (for me).

Now that I've learned how to initiate the front side ride without killing all my speed, I actually caught some of the best rides and turns today. Fathom and I were perfectly positioned for a party wave but I don't trust my skill for that at this point and ended up blowing a bottom turn only to have him run his board over the back of my head.......PSA- wear those helmets boys and girls!.....that could have been a nightmare without a helmet on. Later on I was getting cocky and trying to do some snappier top turns by throwing my hands together and really going hard off the tail, and even got one to slide on me. What a rush that is, and the speed you pick up going straight down the wave is a blast! (AND I did blow a bunch too, not to give anyone any false impressions) The only thing that was frustrating at times today was blowing jibes in the wind shadow and getting sucked down wind in the crazy current while getting washed and yard saled over and over in the surf. Great day, and I even got to turn the lights off with Guy T and the QC boys down in the bowl. Nice to go to The County Canteen with the crew after. What a beautiful establishment that is. Great wind, waves, followed by great company and food....what more can you ask for?

Check out Fish's pics:!1706&authkey=!AD-CMYNdY42o9e0

Weather Conditions

insane! over mast high rollers outside with some actually breaking, some crazy chop / bump and jump going out, and absolutely beautiful conditions inside, with some crazy "river' side shore current on the shore.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 30-45 9




  81L Poison Wave/3.7M


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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