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Super warm temps in December!

Hamilton Harbour CCIW

3 windsurfers and 1 kitesurfer made it out.

The wind really peaked at noon so I took a half hour break. Started on the 125l but dropped down to the 84l board. Overpowered at times, underpowered at others. Super warm, no gloves needed.

What a great day!

Almost destroyed my gopro. I gybed my sail for a beach start but it smashed into my gopro on my board's nose. Somehow it ripped off the black clamp that keeps it shut . I look and see my gopro case open and my camera teetering about to get wet... I put a deathclamp on it to keep it shut and dragged all my equipment in. Was not easy!!

Weather Conditions

Wavy (for the harbour), super windy, warm air temps!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 18-37 13




  125l xcite, 84l fsw/Ezzy Tiger 5.8


  3 hrs. 50 min.

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