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Beautiful conditions, just not all the right conditions

Ontario Upper Mac

We were arrived at huge wind shadow at Mac.

Then sitting in the van with rINR, at a trespassing launch at upper Mac, we were looking at side off wind conditions, beautiful waves with the top being blown off. The wind readings were 28-40 knots 280-290 degree, water temp not sure (my guess is 7-8C), air 1C, windchill -7C, sun trying to come out but also big snow clouds and some flurries coming down and sticking.

It was just us, Old Whitey was in Gatineau, Marty could not find somebody to go out with him at Sherkston.

Mouse or man? he says.

We rigged up and rubbered up ( I felt like the Micheline man)

4.2/95 for Reiner, 3.5/85 for me (wanted the float in the initial wind shadow, smaller but still present and no doubt big current).

First run, overpowered in gust (too little outhaul), eaten by a logo high breaking wave I could not cross 200m out. Came back huffing and puffing, calmed down, put in 1cm of outhaul. Watched Reiner trying to drop in a logo high set near shore, only to fall in. He was way upwind, but by the time he managed to waterstart back out he was way down wind with the crazy current which seems to be strong even far out.

Went back out. Now in complete control, headed way upwind so I can enjoy the expected multi turns on the super smooth waves on the way back.

And smooth and long they were, got one super nice flowy fast ride. Felt almost like San Carlos with the wind more side off than I ever sailed upper Mac before.

Unfortunately I noticed a tear in my window and in that wind strength/direction/current, I did not feel like walking back from Outlet...

Went back , saw Reiner heading toward the main beach in trouble way down wind.

Fast derrigged, noticed ice on the sail. Jumped in the van and drove to get him (he broke his harness line).

So it was a rather short but very memorable session with the sun out by the time we were done. All smile. Toasty warm the whole time. The gear suffered more than we did. One of those memorable session.

Monday 8C Dec 21 will feel balmy.

Weather Conditions

Beautiful wave(logo high set, mast high outside but still clean, not the usual crazy chop in the middle/wind direction (275-280)

PVC window noticed to burst in star shape and heard a pop while rolling the top of the sail, PVC cracked like glass! It does not like the cold.

Ice on sail with air at 1C, water at 8C, but must be from evaporation cooling the sail below zero.

The Day at a Glance


  W 28-40 1




  Tabou PW 85/SF 3.5


  1 hrs.

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